Love Yourself and Let The Other Person Have It Your Way

THE PROMISE: Apply the simple technique in this book and you can "correct" any problem in your life.

"Lester Levenson has hit the nail on the head the book will give you a tool to make your life, your career, and your relationships better…and better. - Tom Hopkins
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This is one of the best books I have read and it works, I highly recommend this to anyone who want to increase their well-being. - Ms Jacqui Martin


Great Book

Fantastic book, arived super quick... No drama... Shows you how simple it is to turn your life around just keep checking with this book!! Xx - lizzy N

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“The Release Technique will give you a tool to make your life, your career, and your relationships better…and better. Things started to improve right away for the people in my class. But even with all that, I wouldn’t recommend their training unless I were convinced that it would have direct benefit to you: that it would help you to be a happier, more successful human being; that it would give you another tool for becoming all that you can be—A CHAMPION.”

– Tom Hopkins

Founder, Tom Hopkins International


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